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Simple Soap

Soap should

be simple

Free of fragrence & detergent

If you have sensitive skin, you may have a hard time finding soap, or shampoo, that's gentle and cleansing. Many soaps and shampoos contain detergent, disguised under different names. The main one being sodium lauryl sulfate, or SLS. My goal is to make soaps with purely saponified oils, to clean you, without stripping away your natural oils.

Sam Likes It

Conditioning Shampoo Bar

Currently, I am working on a 100% coconut oil conditioning shampoo bar. This bar is solely saponified coconut oil, with 10% super fat. This means the bar has 10% extra coconut oil, to leave your hair feeling conditioned. Since this is a natural soap, it may take a few washes for your hair to acclimate!

So far my daughter Sam likes it, hence the name! Though I clearly need more feed back. To try some, contact me at :



Body Bar

Coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter come together in this bar, to clean and nurture the skin. I currently make it with 10% super fat, to condition the skin.​

So far my wife Di likes it, hence the name! Though I clearly need more feed back. 

To try some, contact me at :

Bill rupel

Making soap since 2020. I'm still in the early stages of fine tuning my recipes, to keep them simple and effective. When I make soap, I think of supporting the environment, small businesses and skin.

I use organic ingredients, when I can and work with suppliers that share my values. I hope to supply my soap to the local community of Santa Cruz, CA and the bay area.